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I know it has been a few weeks since the finish of our participation in the Whole Life Challenge and that you all have received countless compliments and a ton of praise both from your coaches and from your family and friends. However, I wanted to take the time to make this post so that you all can be recognized publicly. Maybe your courage to change your habits and take control of your lifestyle could be the source of inspiration for others who may come across it.

Let me start off by saying we are so proud of everyone for participating in this challenge. It is no easy feat to significantly change your daily routines. I know without a doubt how challenging it was to turn down that beer, cupcake or whatever vice conveniently ended up in your path.

Christy Front B&AOur overall winner was Christy Ball, with a 21% improvement in her workout time. Going from close to 8 minutes to sub 6 minutes with a significant strength increase in her upper body movements. Christy lost an outstanding 5.75 inches off her body, an 8% change. As if these things weren’t significant enough, Christy also never lost a point over 8 weeks in any category. She showed the attitude of a leader and served as a source of motivation to many during this challenge, always keeping a positive attitude and always willing to share her ideas and experience or just a word of encouragement to us all. If that still wasn’t enough, Christy placed 2nd in both of the other categories prizes were given out for, nearly sweeping the contest. We are very proud of you Christy. Congratulations.
Christy Side B&A
Christy Back B&A

Mary B&A Front2nd place overall was Mary Foley. Mary saw a 12% improvement in her workout time and  7% change in her body measurements losing 5 inches overall. This is quite amazing considering what a small frame she was beginning with. I think that the changes Mary saw surprised her and it was great to see them first hand. Thank you for allowing us to share in your transformation.
Mary B&A Side
Mary B&A Back

Todd B&A Front3rd place overall was Todd Cechini. Todd saw an improvement of 10% in his workout and a reduction in his body measurements by 5%, a 5.25 inch change. Had this challenge started when Todd first began his journey with us, I know he would have been tough to beat. We are very proud of you Todd.  I am sure Todd would have to give an assist to his Wife Tiffany for being a fellow competitor and his personal Chef.  Both Todd and Tiffany never lost a point during 8 weeks in any category, 2 of only 4 in our gym and 2 of only 58 in a challenge with 7,500 registered players originally.
Todd B&A Side
Todd B&A Back

Betsy B&A Front1st place most improved Body Measurements was Betsy Young. Betsy lost an astonishing 9% or 6.75 inches off her already small stature. Amazing what can happen when sugar and processed foods are pulled out of a diet.  Congratulations.
Betsy B&A Side
Betsy B&A Back

Jon B&A Front1st place most improved workout was Jonathan Huggins. Jon saw a 31% change, from over 9 minutes to just over 6 minutes. Incredible!
Jon B&A Side
Jon B&A Back

Carl B&A FrontCarl Miller
Carl B&A Side

Charles B&A FrontCharles Juarez
Jeff B&A Front

Jeff Kelly


I want to send out a big “Thank You” to Crossfit Littleton.

First thanks is to my personal trainer, Kyle Thornton. He helped me
set goals and then crush them within half the time I thought it would
take. My joint pain and lack of flexibility were never a problem for
him. It’s obvious who the expert in the family is now.

Thank you to Ian and Marc, who always had a kind word of
encouragement; it really helped keep me going.

At 54 years old, In November 2011, I was diagnosed with mild sleep
apnea. I was given the option to lose weight or wear a C-PAP Machine
to sleep. My wife was not amused! I began working with Kyle, it was
obvious I had a very long way to go, I could not even row 500 meters
without quitting.

Goal Set:

1. Lose weight – Results: Lost 30 lbs.
2. Run half a mile. Results: Ran my 1st 5K.
3. 24 inch box-jump. Results: 30.5 inches.
4. Bench press: started at 90 lbs. Results: 150.
5. Row 500 meters in less than 2 minutes: Results: 1 minute 50 seconds.
6. Survive “Rugged Maniac Mud Run”. Results: Pictures enclosed.

My training at Crossfilt Littleton never let me down, now let’s set
another goal to go after! 3-2-1- GO!


Kent Thornton

On July 16th, I participated in the Breckenridge 32 mountain bike race. This race is one loop of the Breckenridge 100 race. The 100-mile racers cover over 100 miles and 13,700 feet of climbing. My race was 35 miles of mostly single track with 4,650 feet of climbing.  I won my age group with a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes. The winning women’s time was 3:32 and I finished 9th out of 23 women total. I’m humbled and awed by all the participants in these races.  I know that my Crossfit training has greatly helped in these mountain bike races because of my improved core strength. I no longer deal with back pain, arm weariness, or body fatigue. I’m thankful that I can participate in these events and I thank my Crossfit family for encouragement and support!

P.S. Notice I got a six-pack of Dale’s Pale Ale as my winning prize!

Erlinda Stafford

I rode in the Courage Classic this past weekend. The cycling event raises money for Children’s Hospital and travels 157 miles in 3 days over 3 mountain passes. Day 1 is the toughest: biking 59 miles over Tennessee Pass, Battle Mountain, and then Vail Pass for a total elevation gain of almost 4000 feet.

I first did this ride in 2008 and biked 3-5 days every week April thru July until the event. This year, my training was almost exclusively at CrossFit Littleton. I managed to get a few rides in here and there when the weather cooperated, but I probably logged less than 200 miles over the same 4 month timeframe. Definitely not much time on the bike.

Just wanted to let you know that I successfully completed the 3-day ride and managed to clean each summit without stopping. In fact, this year I completed Day 1 an hour faster than I did in 2008!

Thank you to all the trainers at CrossFit Littleton for getting me ready to ride in the Courage Classic. I’m so happy I found CFL as the workouts are much more fun and rewarding than spending hours and hours on my road bike!

Betsy Phelan

When I started CrossFit 6 months ago, I wanted a program that would augment what I had done in my home gym to increase my overall fitness. I cannot stress how impressed I have been with my results. By working out 3/4 times per week (total work out time 1.5 hours) and adopting the principals of the paleo diet (modified South Beach Diet); I have lost 45 pounds and have witnessed an entire transformation in how I look and feel.

A couple of examples:

When I started I could do 1, yes 1, pull-up. On a recent WOD (Work Out of the Day), I did 150 among other activities.

– In the past I ran a mile in about 10 minutes; now a 7.5 minute mile is a comfortable pace.

– I no longer tire when I play with my boys

– Most importantly, my cholesterol has dropped to a level that I no longer need prescription medication!

The WODs are hard, but they are short and the folks at CrossFit Littleton help you along the way. Which brings me to my next point, the people. CrossFit Littleton has an outstanding staff of trained experts to assist you during the workouts. They provide the one-on-one attention to ensure proper form, greatly reducing the risk of unecessary injury. If you have visited any of the CrossFit sites you’ll notice that the WODs are done in a group. At first this seemed a bit intimidating, but I was pleasantly surprised in the cheers of encouragement, which began day 1, from my fellow CrossFitters.

I cannot recommend the program or the gym higher. Ian and his growing staff are outstanding… the folks that belong to the gym are outstanding… and I feel OUTSTANDING!

Dean Armand

I just wanted to let you know I was invited to do a workout at _______ Crossfit on Sunday, so I took advantage of that and tried it out. It was a tough workout and the people were ok, but I must say I am very happy to be at Crossfit Littleton. I think what you have going on there is awesome. I really appreciate all of the help and encouragement that you, Jeremy, and Brent give..for that matter everyone gives. I think you have a great bunch of Crossfitters (me included haha) there and I always (well most of the time) leave feeling like not only did I get a great workout but I had fun! It definitely is very addicting that is for sure. So thank you for that, Crossfit Littleton is in a class by itself that is for sure.

Lorie Couse

In April of 2009 a friend of mine who has been doing CrossFit for several years told me about CrossFit Littleton and encouraged me to go check it out. Having had 3 knee surgeries in 2 1/2 years on the same knee, I was nervous that the intensity of CF exercises would do my knee more harm than good, not to mention the fact that I felt incredibly out of shape! I couldn’t do a single pull-up, still did push-ups off of my knees and couldn’t fathom doing some of the movements that are a part of CrossFit training. It took about a month before I got up the nerve to call and make an appointment to meet with Ian, the owner of the gym. Even after going to my first intro session, I was still super intimidated and was more interested in private training than going to the group classes. Ian convinced me to do at least one class with the group, and a few minutes into the workout I discovered that I was too intent on making it through the workout to be concerned that others were watching me fumble my way through the wod (workout of the day)! After that – I was sold! The workouts are challenging and some of the mechanics can seem tough to accomplish, but the coaches at CF Littleton (Ian, Jeremy and Chappy) are great at breaking down the movements so that the steps are easy to learn. Everybody at CF Littleton is amazingly encouraging – the staff AND the members. You don’t get through a workout without someone yelling encouragement at you, and sometimes finishing that last push of your workout WITH you, even though they have finished their own! And each of the coaches goes above and beyond to help you individually with any difficulties that you may be having with a certain movement or in helping you meet a certain goal.

I’ve only been doing CrossFit for 7 months, and I certainly have goals to obtain, but I have seen incredible changes in that short time. At 40, I’m in physically better shape than I think I have ever been: the strength and functionality of my knee/leg has increased markedly and I no longer feel like it’s a hindrance in my workouts, my job or my personal life; I’ve lost weight; I’m stronger; I can now do pull-ups and “real” push-ups; and more importantly my energy levels and overall attitude are completely changed. I find myself doing things that I haven’t considered doing in a long time -or ever- and I’m having fun doing it! And as a police officer, I have more confidence now in my physical strength, endurance and abilities than I have had in a long time, not to mention the energy to get through the sometimes long shifts without feeling over fatigued! CrossFit can feel intimidating to anyone starting out, but it is by far the most effective form of exercise and strength training that I have ever experienced. If anyone is hesitant about starting CrossFit Littleton I say just go for it….I’ve never felt more welcomed, comfortable and accomplished in a gym than at CF Littleton!

Kari Johnson


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