CrossFit Self-Starter

Our “Self-Starter” program is for individuals that may already be doing CrossFit workouts on their own and or have access to an acceptable facility and are seeking a basic education in the fundamentals of the CrossFit method. Over the course of 7 sessions we teach the foundational movements and concepts taught in our Beginner Program, privately, at your convenience.

Our instruction focuses on moving correctly/safely and learning the major modalities of CrossFit (Olympic lifting, barbell strength training, kettlebells, basic gymnastics, plyometric work, rowing and running). You get the education and confidence you need to do it on your own and implement the CrossFit methodology into your own training.

We are happy to do 1 on 1 sessions or semi-private groups.

CrossFit Self-Starter 1 on 1 = $500

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CrossFit Self-Starter for 2 = $750

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If you have questions or wish to discuss the program further, give us a call or fill out our Contact Form today!

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