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Group Group classes make up the majority of what we do here at CrossFit Littleton. CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning program.  The workouts are different everyday (constantly varied) facilitating a general preparedness for life and all forms of athletic endeavors.  It also keeps it fun and fresh for the clients.  Whether you are looking for a break from the same old routine at the gym, training for an upcoming endurance event (marathons, mountain bike races, adventure races, etc.), seeking to improve your overall health and well being or just want to challenge yourself and see what you are capable of, we can help.

Fundamentals: In order to create the best possible experience for the clients at our gym everyone starts in our Fundamentals Program. For the average client this curriculum constitutes the first month of training. Over the course/at the end of the Fundamentals Curriculum you will be assessed in 6 structural categories. Your coach will give you a sheet indicating where you fall (Tier 1-4) in each category. Then, when you move into the All Levels Class, you will train at the appropriate tier for your needs based on the structural theme for the day (IE Squat, Bending, Upper Body Pulling etc.)

You will also begin to learn the fundamental training methods and movements we use here at the gym.

The emphasis in this class is placed on providing a strong mechanical and conceptual foundation from which new clients can begin their CrossFit/Strength and Conditioning journey. While each person operates at a level appropriate for their particular situation (this is true in all of the classes we offer), volume and intensity are kept at a minimum. This is a very adaptive period during which we are building a base of sound movement patterns, strength, capacity and a wholistic approach/expectation to training. Generally this makes for the smoothest and most enjoyable transition for the clients, the trainers and the other members of the gym upon entering the All Levels Class.

All Levels Class: The All Levels Class is generally divided into a Structural/Strength portion (the first half of the hour) and a Conditioning portion (the second half of the hour). We continue with the task of refining movement and technique, developing a functional strength base and capacity and working towards general preparedness as well as individual goals. There is a wide range of age, athletic ability and level of fitness represented in this class. Workouts are scaled (load, volume and intensity) and movements are modified to meet the needs of the clients that are present.

Advanced Class: This class assumes a more advanced or veteran athlete. It is intended for those clients desiring to take their training to the next level. Loads may be heavier, volume may be greater, the full variations of the Olympic lifts are practiced as well as higher order gymnastics skills. For those clients wishing to compete in CrossFit, this class can serve to develop the requisite skills and understanding of the sport.

All classes are taught in a group setting (averaging 8-10 clients) encouraging community, camaraderie, individual performance/progress and fun.  Each class is run by one of our professional coaching staff; clients receive coaching every time they train or attend a class.  Classes are scheduled in 1 hour increments and generally include a warm-up, skill work and Strength and Conditioning.

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