Gym Rules/Etiquette

1. Safety is always the #1 priority. Your safety and that of those around you. Always train with this in mind.
2. No whining. Ever. (borrowed, and much appreciated from, Conviction CrossFit)
3. If it’s one of those days (where you need to whine and complain a lot) just stay home. Generally what we do in here is HARD. Often times it’s a victory for other members just to show up. The last thing they need when they finally make it in is the influence of a negative attitude. This is a positive place so please contribute to that when you’re here.
4. Children are not allowed in the gym unless they are actively participating in a class. We love your kids and this is for their safety.
5. Put your equipment away after the workout. Almost everything has a specific place and is labeled for your convenience. This makes for a facility we can all take pride in. When everyone abides by this the equipment will be in order and in the correct place when YOU want it.
6. We only spot for two lifts in the gym: Back Squat and Bench Press. Stay clear of anyone lifting if you are not spotting them for 1 of these two lifts.
7. Scheduled Classes are the priority. Open Gym is a privilege included with some memberships. If you are using Open Gym time during a class, you will need to defer to the needs of the class in every way. The best time for Open Gym is when classes are NOT in session.
8. Be on time for class and do not jump in and out of class. If you are going to participate please do the whole class or not. When clients are coming and going during the hour it can be confusing and chaotic.
9. Don’t drop metal on the ground. This means empty barbells and kettlebells. IE: When you strip all the weight off one end of the bar and it goes crashing to the ground. There is a better way, ask a coach to show you.
10. Communicate with your coach. We want to make sure you are taken care of and that your questions and concerns are addressed.

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