Collected Posts/Articles

Advice for Beginners – just that.

Getting Un-Assisted Pull-Ups – basic strategies.

Training Protocols – some thoughts and questions.

Rx’d or Scaled? – a primary CrossFit question.

Fish Oil – What’s the deal, why should I take it?

Training as a Lifestyle – a great article by Andy Petranek, owner of CFLA.

Should you do it Rx’d? – remarkably similar to the article above. Ha!

Evolution of a CrossFitter – the emotional stages of training for the long haul. Article featured on

Percentages, Reps, Sets and Programming – a quick reference of the nomenclature commonly used at our gym.

Weight Lust – a word of caution.

Type 1 Diabetes and CrossFit – A must read for Diabetic High Intensity Exercisers!

Random Training Thoughts – 10 ideas for your consideration.

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