It’s Ok If My CrossFit Doesn’t Look Like Your CrossFit


CrossFit is a funny animal. Funny in that sometimes I wonder what actually makes CrossFit “CrossFit.” Is it the clock? Is it the exercises? ‘Cause here’s the thing – my CrossFit and your CrossFit can look totally different. Maybe one student is doing front squats and the other is doing cleans. Maybe one is running and one is rowing. Maybe one is using a rubber band and one isn’t. Maybe with a private client I don’t even use a stopwatch. Are any one of those less or more CrossFit? If CrossFit isn’t the clock, and it isn’t Olympic lifting, and it can be done in private or in a group…well, then what IS CrossFit?

I guess it’s kind of like saying, “What is ‘reading’?” Is reading when you can get through “See Spot Run” or is reading when you can read “Moby Dick?” Is it practicing your spelling or is it flying through your favorite fiction novel without a thought to the act of reading? Or is “reading” all of those things and everything in-between – failed, succeeded, attempted, and dreamed. If that’s the case, then it’s all CrossFit. It’s CrossFit when my mom does it and it’s CrossFit when Kristan Clever does it.

What makes it CrossFit for you?

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