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Flyin HighJust wanted to give a quick shout out to this guy. Jim your coaches are very proud of you! I distinctly remember when you first started boot camp with Melissa. What you looked like and what you were capable of.

You have come a long way my friend. Just want you to know we notice!

Keep up the great work. Hope you are enjoying the process. We are excited to watch your continued progress…

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So I am wrapping up a years worth of study for my OPT CCP. Kyle is pretty deep into the certification process and Melissa is just beginning.

Below is the work required for my final case study. It’s maybe 3 weeks of work for me if I quit my job of owning and running a business.

If I don’t, it’s totally overwhelming to try and get this done right now.

But I’m going to because that’s what it’s gonna take to achieve a credential that I believe is the best in the business. And then I can start my Level 2 ;)…

The work below and all that goes into is also a great example of why you are not going to see very many CrossFit/Functional Fitness coaches who have completed the work and are CCP’s in a given area.

When I attended my first 2 days of the in person portion of the programming module in Scottsdale I KNOW there were a couple people there who were completely overwhelmed/lost and vowed to never attend another OPT course again. That’s the point in the weekend where James goes, “Ya, welcome to being a real coach.”

It’s sooooooooooooooo much easier to give people random workouts you find on the internet or that other gyms are doing, tell them to hit it as hard as they can every time and then let the cards fall where they may. It’s soooooooooooooooo much easier to “sell” people a gimmick or a quick one size fits all solution.

Honestly, I think lots of coaches will not make it past that point.

I guess I just want our clients to know that we are in this for real. We have been for years. This is our livelihood and we will always work hard to pursue and provide to you a level of coaching that you can’t find elsewhere…

Ian Starr


Life Coaching

A.Fill out (but do not hand in) the values determination form you received in your Level 1 life coaching packet again

• Provide an overall written summary on the values you hold dear to you

• Explain the reasoning behind why you believe they are important to you

• Create a thorough outline of what this might look like 10 years from now

• Lastly, provide a summary on what you surround yourself with. Does that allow you to spend time on these values? HOW you spend time on them?

B.What areas on the triangle of trust do you need more work on?

• Provide a brief explanation of no less than 200 words on why this is the way it is and what things you are doing to improve

these areas

C.What is your AIM?

• Provide a summary of your personal fitness goals for the next 12 months

• In this story line, provide a summary of the resources that are required to get this done

D.Provide a written summary and explanation on why consulting (life coaching) is a valuable part of the fitness coaching profession (and for your business)

• This summary will be your own business beliefs as an explanation as to why you do it

• Please make it “yours” and your business’ own

• This summary should be directed towards a prospective client that you will engage with the most – so use the correct terminology based on what you feel is appropriate for these clients


A.Fats Table

• Create 4 columns with the headings:

- Saturated fat

- Monounsaturated fat

- Polyunsaturated fat

- Trans fat

• Within and under these 4 headings create lists of foods and food items that contain in LARGER percentage the fatty acids mentioned in those columns; this is a handout you will give to prospective clients in the future so ensure you “pretty it up” for your own business logo, etc…for someone else to pick it up, hand out, etc…

• Minimum of 10 foods or food items per list

B. Provide OPT with a detailed 5 day food diary of your own – MUST include 2 weekend days and 3 weekdays

• This diary MUST contain a full diary with dates listed

• COMPLETE diagnostics – amount of food needs to be precise, listed well, easily read, etc…

• After the diary is done provide a written summary on the EXACT calories per day, then the EXACT ratios of Fat to Protein to

Carb ratios per day – EXACT (these will be analyzed based on your amounts so do not guess)

• Include what format you used to discover the calories contained in each of the foods

C. Read The Metabolic Diet by Dr Mauro di Pasquale

• In no less than 1000 words provide a written summary on:

- The basic idea behind the book

- How you can use methods like this to help a certain audience

- What the positives and negatives of this style of eating and for whom and what time

- What you learned in relation to the importance of endocrinology on nutrition

- What you are going to do with this new information and how will you implement it in body transformation and/or health clients

Program Design

A.Female volleyball player in high school has patellar tendinitis and is away from playing for 3 months. She needs direction from you on training, she is doing PT/rehab 2x/week alongside the training you are doing.

• Please provide to OPT a weekly dry land training program for 3 weeks and 4x/week (12 sessions) that you are going to perform with this athlete. These are the 1st 12 sessions you will be together so provide details on:

- What you have discovered about this injury, how it is caused, who gets it most, the functional physiology behind it?

- What was the assessment you performed?

- Movements you can and cannot do based on what you have researched and know based on this injury

- Requirements for the sport and what you can do to help in training for this young girl

B. Provide a written 3x/week training program for 4 weeks showing you understand progression for someone who scores 340# on their DL and 340# on their BS – male/intermediate

• What do these numbers mean when having only 2 of them?

• What is your line of thinking in design going forward if balance is a goal for this person?

• What does the training looking like? Fill in ALL gaps theoretically – reps, sets, rest, tempo MUST be included in all – even in supplementary work.

• NO CONDITIONING based work allowed in training, only weight based and structural work

• Provide 12 workouts showing progression

C. Provide 16 “progressive” lactic endurance workouts for a client (female, 2 strict chin ups, BS 200#, BWT 142#, 26 years of age)

• Goal is sport of fitness

• 2-3 of these sessions are preferred per week

• RX ONLY the workouts, nothing else, make assumptions as needed

• There should be a proper mixture of cyclical alone, and mixed work – and appropriate movements for all mixed work based on assessment notes above


A. In a YouTube linked video – perform in NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES on a beginner level client;

• The Sorensen test

• The powell raise test

• The push up/FLR test

• The standing lunge test (step ups if needed)

Note: For each test show proficiency in description, cues, non cues, bedside manner.

B. Perform 10 SSS (calipers) tests on clients

• Provide scores and pictures of the 10 people you have performed the test on

- These are only with people who are ok with having a before and after picture taken

- Pictures CAN be included of people with or without shirts on – its up to you and the client)

- These pictures are proof of the SSS being performed on these individuals – please have names associated with the pictures and scores for each person attached to those pictures

C. Perform one level 4 work capacity test on an individual in fitness

• Create a document that shows the name, picture of the person, age, dates of testing, scores, and ALL tests that were performed and why you chose them – there should be NO LESS THAN 10 tests performed as a minimum

• Provide feedback based on the tests of where they sit on the fitness continuum for training going forward based on what you see in the testing

Business Systems

A. Read Great by Choice by Jim Collins

• Provide in no less than 600 words a report based on what you read in the book would be the major hurdles that fitness business owners will encounter and how they can overcome them based on the experiences shared in the book of what makes companies thrive or survive.

B. Provide no less than 1000 words in a document that covers;

• Your MVCVGP statements

• Your detailed 1,3 and 5 year plans for Personal and Business goals in two different columns

• Your 90 day major goals and projects for you and the business

C. Read Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini

• Write a short summary of NO LESS than 800 words of a company that you admire in how they create leads for clients, sell to them, transfer them over to long term clients.

- Include in this full details on WHY you think they do this well and what principles of good business practices they use to INFLUENCE people

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JoySierraFriends help friends do Airdyne sprints

I don’t have time is the grown up version of the dog ate my homework. 

All Levels
T1&2: GM’s @ 3111, 8-12 reps, 3 sets. Rest.
T3: Deadlift, @ 3111, 5-7 reps, 4 Sets, Rest 2 mins
T4+: 2-2-2-2 PC, Rest as Needed

B. Get as far as possible in 30 mins:
(Break work however you would like)
2k Row
300 DU’s/600 Singles
2k Run


A.Deadlift Practice

B.OTMEM for 10:
5-7 Ball Slams (even)
30 Single Unders (odd)

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Flyin HighPaul enjoying some heavy goblet squats

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” – The Dalai Lama

All Levels
A1. ME Handstand Hold/Hollow Body Hold. Rest 60.
A2. 12-15 Heavy STS. Rest 30-60.


B1. 12-15 Sit-ups (T4+ Core do GHD Sit-ups) Rest 30.
B2. 12-15 Plate GTO
B3. 8-10 Alt DB Curls @ 3011. Rest 30-60.


C. 4 sets of 2x Gym Length Heavy Carry (your choice of what and how)
Followed by 4 TGU’s after each set


Other Common Movements: Wall Ball, Rowing, Step-Ups/Box Jumps
A.Rowing instruction mechanics, WB, Step-Ups

B.4-5 Sets @ 65-75%:
10 WB Shots
8 Step-Ups

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Pics no workie today! Sorry :(

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe” – Abraham Lincoln

All Levels
A.Upper Push
T1: Decline Push Up negatives w feet elevated, 3 sec negative, 6-10 reps, 3 sets rest, 60-90
T2: Decline Push Up w feet elevated, 6-10 reps, 3 sets, rest 2 mins
T3: Weighted Dips, 4-6 reps, 3 sets, Rest 2:30
T4+: Heavy Single Incline Bench Press.

B. 3x 40 second Assault bike sprints Rest 2:30 (for cals)

3x ME Stone over 42″ in 40 seconds Rest 2:30 (height can be adjusted if necessary)

3x 40 Second KB Swings ( TNG C&J if appropriate)

A.KB Movements, Instruction/Practice

B.10-1 KB Swings, STS, Snatch, Goblet Squat @ 65-75%

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